From and Idea to Ethically Sourced Apparel:

We make it easy for the maker and green woodworking scene to create and provide handmade, high quality, socially responsible apparel to the world. 

There are so many good ideas out there from the spoon carvers and craftspeople to put out on a shirt or accessory.  Things that promote them, things that bring us together, things that define our values to society. 

The problem is that selling something like a shirt is a big venture, and big  capital investment. 

Traditionally, you need to commit to buying a run of items, and with something like a shirt you need to speculate on what sizes, colors and fits to get. You pay up front and you end up needing to ship each order out yourself. 

The alternative? Using some big anonymous drop shipping company that handles all of that for you but that feels totally alien to the real, tangible community we are trying to foster. 

SLOYDWEAR bridges that gap!

Started by fellow spoon carver Paul Oak and fulfilled by Art of Where, Sloydwear makes this an easy transition for craftspeople to earn passive income. 

Art of Where is co-owned by my Cousin Joey, and all of Art of Where products are hand made in Montreal Canada.